Our Story

Our German Shorthaired Pointers, Bendel and Cotton, is what started it all. It’s amazing how dogs truly can change our lives. We connected through their Instagrams to set up a play date and we all instantly became best friends. Ever since, we have been going on adventures together, while trying to keep up with Bendel and Cotton.

Bendel and Cotton

As two crazy dog moms, we started making bows, bow ties, and bandanas to dress up our pups for photo shoots. Soon, lots of people started asking where our preppy attire for our pups came from. We loved making them so much (and Bendel and Cotton love getting tons of treats for being our models) that we decided to start making them for everyone’s stylish pups!

We hope that you and your preppy pup love our bows, bow ties, and collars as much as we do! We are dedicated to provide quality accessories for your classy canine. Our fabric is handpicked to best represent a classy, preppy style, perfect for all occasions.


Hailey & Kelly